Coastal Valley Camp and Crafts (shortened to Coastal Valley from this point on)  will only accept bookings from persons over the age of 21 years.   We are a family, couples site, we do not discriminate against quiet small groups but do require you to phone us and discuss your plans and requirements for the camping holiday, there is no club house, no radios allowed, quietude after 10.30 and strictly enforced no drunk behaviour on site means it does not suit majority single/mixed gender group gatherings. Coastal Valley reserves the right, at all times, to refuse or cancel a booking without stating reasons. We reserve the right to request Proof of Age from all campers.

All reservations should be treated as provisional until we receive your deposit payment and you receive a booking confirmation from us via email. 

All online bookings require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the cost of your stay (or full payment).  
All bookings must be paid in full 56 days before your bookings start.  If the booking is made less than 56 days from the start date of your stay the full price of the stay is required.  Payments can be made through Stripe, the latter also accepts debit or credit card payment.  A booking confirmation will be provided after the deposit, or full payment, has been received.

COVID19 still poses a potential risk to opening of hospitality in 2021. This means some of our advertised features and events and facilities may be subject to change or cancellation, and there may be a need to increase pitch fees due to extra cleaning (in 2020 this amounted to £4pn per pitch). The booking you make from Oct 2020 may be subject to this increase again when Government directives become clearer in 2021. Please do not book early unless you are prepared to accommodate any changes to how we can operate and allow this increase in fee to automatically happen to your booking

COVID19 cancellations - If COVID19 stops us opening then we will refund monies if you are unable to move the holiday, however the bank charges described under discretionary refunds would be deducted. If you personally change your mind and don't feel comfortable to come for any related reason and wish to cancel booking then deposit can be moved to another holiday in the 2021 season but no cash refunds are available. All discretionary refunds  in 2021 from 2020 credit notes or other agreements are now subject to admin fee deduction as detailed below under discretionary refunds.

Covid update - May 2021 onwards - the toilets and showers are fully open but continuing from last year - no teeth brushing or personal hygiene is allowed in side of them. The hard dryer is not available. The communal kitchen remains shut but outside washing up sinks are now available. We reserve the right to make any procedural changes and requests which comply with government directives.

Any discretionary refunds attract a £10 handling admin fee and the deduction of bank charges which were charged to process the booking by Stripe at the time of booking. (Approx 20p per payment and 1.35% at 1/1/21, The banks are no longer refunding these fees back to the customers)

If the balance is not paid by the due date Coastal Valley reserves the right to re-let the booking and retain the deposit.If you cancel within 8 weeks of your arrival date we will endeavour to re-let your booking.  If we are unable to do so, then we regret that we will be unable to refund any monies paid.  Should you cancel prior to this date, we will try to reschedule your stay for later in the season or refund any monies paid, minus your deposit.  

Our bookings do not cover any holiday insurance cover.  Guests are advised to make their own provision.In the event that we need to cancel your holiday we shall inform you as soon as possible and refund all monies paid to us, by you, within 10 days.

Our normal check-in is 3-6pm. (3-7pm July/Aug by arrangement). You are welcome to arrive earlier than 3pm on your specified arrival date, enjoy the crafts and facilities, however we may not be able to accommodate an earlier check-in than 3pm.  If you are going to arrive 6pm - 7pm please let us know. We understand that have there can be hold ups and motorway accidents that cause  very late arrivals, however there is no pitching of tents or van arrival on site after 9.30pm, regardless of reason to respect other campers comfort and sleep and the fact it i pitch black in the summer on site. crossed out statement is not available due to covid

Cars are parked at owners risk in very near designated car park. There is a 10mph speed limit on site for all vehicles.

Unforeseen late arrival - parking up in car park and having a check in soonest convenient the following morning after the departures have freed up the ring and the breakfast rush at the farm shop.

On the date of departure, all fixed accommodation guests are requested to vacant their accommodation by 10am departure, touring camping and caravans are required to vacate pitches by 11am. Car park spaces must also be vacated at these times, unless all guests are attending one of the on-site events.

Day visitors are welcome to enjoy the craft facilities.  

Coastal Valley accepts no liability for theft, loss, or damage that may arise from a stay to any personal belongings, accommodation or car whilst at Coastal Valley.

We are a dog friendly site, however sadly due to uncertainty of the breeds temperament exclude these dogs .

  • Pit Bull Terrier. Japanese Tosa. Dogo Argentino. Fila Brasileiro. any dogs that show aggression irrespective of breed

Whilst on site all dogs must be kept under control at all times and must not be left unsupervised. If you are unsure of the dog, or it has previously done any attack to a human in its life the dog needs to wear a muzzle.  They must remain within their owners accommodation and on a lead at all times when outside of the accommodation. The Owner is responsible to poop and scoop at all times. Management of Coastal Valley Camp and Crafts reserve the right to cancel the guests pitch booking if dogs continually contravene these guidelines or are not kept under control to the distress of other guests. 

In consideration of all other guests, quietude must be maintained between the hours of 10:30pm and 8am.  During these times, any continuing family games and all conversations must be such that they cannot be heard outside your pitch boundaries.  If any complaints regarding noise are received, they will be politely discussed with the offending party members, without reservation the site manager’s determination will be final.

After 11:00pm all outside lighting from motor homes and caravans should be switched off.

Ball games are only allowed with low impact balls and only when the site is at half capacity.

Bike riding for under 6 should be at a low speed only in the car park and tracks and not impact on other site campers walking about or sitting at their pitch. Children over 6 are not allowed to ride bikes, sorry the camp site is too small.

Fire pits are allowed at Coastal Valley provided they are 6” off the ground, Protected with a board (provided by Coastal Valley) and it is a safe distance for the size from the tent and others accommodation. Without reservation the site manager’s determination will be final.

The Communal Kitchen has 2 fridges, small freezer and washing up facilities for the benefit of all touring guests who are staying with us.  When using the kitchen, we request that all your pots and pans & utensils are washed up during or immediately after you finish cooking. Coastal Valley reserve the right to withdraw use of the communal kitchen if it is considered by us as abused or that the facility has become unhygienic in anyway for use by our guests.

Craft activities will be held regularly throughout the week at peak seasons, (end of May and mid July -Aug).  However, the booking of accommodation linked to any person attending an activity can not be assured except when a themed residential holiday is booked which includes attendance at a specific craft activity programmed during the stay. We reserve the right to change the provider or artist of the craft activity from that advertised should circumstances require it.

Smoking is not permitted at any time within the glamping accommodation units or communal facilities provided by Coastal Valley.

We will not request housekeeping bonds for fixtures and fittings in the Safari Tent, BBQ lodge, Bus, Pod.  However, we request any breakages are bought to our attention and reserve the right to make charges for expensive items or items broken whilst in the care of guests or visitors how so ever notified. Loss of keys will result in the direct cost of replacing being the responsibility of the guest.

No candles, lanterns, or camp fires fires and flames in any form should be left unattended, unsupervised, and unextinguished.  Supervision must be only assumed by those over the age of 21 years. 

Children (under 15) must be supervised at all times alongside the stream. 

When booking with Coastal Valley you agree to be responsible and take all reasonable precautions as to your own and the welfare and safety of the children under your booking.  You will also safe guard the welfare and safety of others and take all precautions to prevent damage to facilities and accommodation booked. 

Coastal Valley rules are there to protect individuals and the atmosphere we have a reputation for (laid out here). In safe guarding these the judgement of Coastal Valley management has to be final.

Use of the facilities at Coastal Valley and walking the nature trails, is the responsibility of the Guest and is done so at their own risk.